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IMPORTANT: Due to over whelming popularity of Careprost, orders must be completed with payment via E-transfer immediately after order is placed in order to reserve your order, ship same day and maintain inventory and shipping control. Order's incomplete with payment will auto cancel in 24 hrs. 

We accept the most convenient & secure payment method E-Mail Transfer. (To Learn why we don't accept Credit or PayPal- scroll to bottom) 

Here are just a few examples of how to send an Email transfer using some of the leading banks. We accept email transfer's from all U.S.banks.

Please note:

Due to the overwhelming amount of fraudulent PayPal, Venmo and Popmoney sends we do not accept these forms of payments. We do not reply to questions or information requests regarding these systems. 

We only accept E-transfers (e-mail transfers ) currently, please ensure you are set up to send E-transfer prior to placing your order. We sincerely apologize to customers whose banks are not set up for email transfers yet. 


 - Place your order, including your shipping address. 
- You'll receive your total and order # (Begins with an lol )
* Please note: You do not require a phone number, just an email address. If a phone is required, contact your bank for correct instructions. 
Wells Fargo -   SurePay
Log onto your online banking and select Transfer WS SurePay or go directly to WS Surepay on your mobile app.
Send Money
From : Select Account
Add Recipient : LashOutLoud
Email Address : team@canadiancareprost.com
Enter total of your order
and send.
CHASE - QuickPay 
Log onto your  Chase Mobile App
Select Chase Quick Pay
Add Recipient : LashOutLoud 
Email Address : team@canadiancareprost.com
Enter Total of your order
Any Comments or instructions line - Add your Order #
 Log onto your online banking / mobile app
 Select "Transfer" Tab
Recipient : Add LashOutLoud
 Enter our Payment Team email : team@canadiancareprost.com  " 
 Enter total of your order
You'll be asked to confirm your information and send.
  • Bank of America: Bank of America uses clearXchange for peer-to-peer payments via its online banking portal. Under the transfers tab, customers can select a “send money” option and enter the recipient’s email address or phone number. If the recipient isn’t receiving money through a participating bank, they will have to register with clearXchange.
  • Capital One 360: The Person2Person service lets Capital One 360 checking customers send money to anyone with an email address. The money is available almost immediately if you send it to another Capital 360 customer; otherwise, it takes up to two business days.
  • Chase: Chase QuickPay allows Chase customers to send and receive money for free. (Non-Chase customers can also use the service to send money if the recipient has a Chase checking account.) All you’ll need is a valid email address and the email address of the other party.
  • Wells Fargo: Wells Fargo customers can access Wells Fargo SurePay under the transfers tab of their online banking portal. They can send mobile payments to anyone with an email address or phone number in one to two business days. Recipients will be required to register with the service to receive the payment.
Note: if the name of your chosen send account is different then your order, follow up with an email and our team will complete your order.
Your financial institution will notify us of your payment, never sharing any of your personal information. Our accounts team processes your order and payment, forward you your tracking # and ship the same day.
Order Processing Hours - Mon - Fri 8 a.m. - 6 p.m.

Weekends - We keep a crew  ready to process payments sent and ensure you receive your tracking. 

All order's placed after hours will be processed first the following day & shipped.

LashOutLoud shares the top selling Latisse Alternative / Generic lash serums containing the same active ingredient Bimatoprost at the same strength and effectiveness. Visa, Mastercard. Amex nor PayPal accept payment for Bimatoprost lash serums / cosmetics. In order to offer Careprost and Lumigan to our customers we abide by the strictest standards set out by the manufacturer contract and merchant services and do not accept these forms of payments. We apologize for any inconvenience and thank our customers for their support, on going orders and trust. You can count on Canadian Careprost / LashOutLoudUSA to always deliver great service and genuine / authorized products.