How To Spot Counterfeit Careprost®


Some say imitation is the highest form of flattery but for customers it's an obstacle when trying to purchase the real thing.

LashOutLoudusa is a company who provides it's customers with the most effective lash serums proven to grow long lashes and healthy brows.  You can always count on us for genuine Careprost® and lash serums that really work wonders! We sample each product for results before carrying it online and we listen to your reviews and suggestions.

Where is Fake Careprost Coming From?

We receive emails from customers regarding their experience in purchasing fake Careprost and thought we'd share it to assist customers in avoiding the same issues. 

China - avoid any sellers from China and those shipping from China.

"Careprost Store - Beware - this is a Chinese knock off site and is NOT the "original Careprost" store" . 

India - Genuine Careprost is manufactured by Sunpharma who's located in India so counterfeit Careprost is readily available from India website's ("Mart"), online 'pharmacies', and many advertising on social media. Genuine Careprost is NOT reboxed in the U.S. or Canada so no genuine Careprost makes the claim on the box " Manufactured in the U.S or Canada". Nor should sellers cover their boxes with stickers of any sort. 

Canada, U.S. and Europe - Watch out for individuals adding 'stickers' to the boxes of Careprost, Careprost repackaged under other names and individuals adverting on Social Media. Although individuals may have good intentions in making stickers for Careprost this prevents purchasers from reading all the information provided on the box and may indicate they are covering counterfeit/ expired Careprost. 

What are some obvious sign of Individuals selling Counterfeit Careprost ? 

*Very Important - Accepts Credit Cards, PayPal or any system which allows the use of Credit Cards - We understand many customer like the ease of purchasing online using their credit card, but Mastercard, Visa and AMX do not accept payment for Careprost. Please note : Since PayPal allows customers to use Credit Card for payments PayPal does not accept payment either. Individuals/Websites accepting Credit Card / PayPal / Venmo / PopMoney are doing so against their merchant agreement and will be shut down. 

* Amazon,E-bay, IOffer, Etsy, News Paper Ads, "Marts", Pharmacy's, Facebook Stores & Individuals on social medial and free email accounts are all a heads up to be very cautious. 

* Offering Sales or seriously discounted prices on product or shipping. Genuine Careprost distributors have an MRSP and do not violate the terms of their agreement by offering sales and discounts on Careprost. We always keep our Careprost at the lowest allowable price. Often prices lowered by just a dollar or two by fraudulent sellers. 

* Selling prescription skin care ointments, skin products like Shea Butter (from India / China) Make Up Tools from China / India. Make up from China / India. 

* The quality of the box, lid of the product or label is evidently lower quality then the genuine product. The Box is sealed or has a sticker or new label on it. Please note: Genuine Careprost does NOT have a sticker with printing in "French" and the claim that "licensed" suppliers are selling with this sticker is false. 

* Changing the Boxes. Genuine Careprost is supplied and shipped in it's original box. Individuals re-boxing products with their own name, or using stickers to cover information is an indication of fake Careprost being resold.

Note: More customers are reporting the box can thicker then the original.

We welcome customer's to share their experiences and continue to share your photo's so we can keep everyone well informed.

Thank You to our customers. We will remain your trusted supplier.



Please Note: The photo's below are property of  LashOutLoudUsa and have been duped by sellers who have been reported as selling Fake Careprost. Beware if you seem them else where.