How To Spot Counterfeit Careprost

Some say imitation is the highest form of flattery but for customers it's an obstacle when trying to purchase the real thing.

Careprost became a popular alternative to the leading lash serum because it contains the same active ingredient at the same strength, growing long lashes at a more affordable price.

LashOutLoud provides it's customers with Genuine  EyeLash Serums producing real results.

So, how do you spot a fake?

Although there are many manufacturing counterfeit products, who may box or label differently we've found that there are some consistency's in reports from our customers.

* Amazon,E-bay, IOffer, Etsy, News Paper Ads, "Marts", Pharmacy's & Individuals on social medial and free email accounts are all a heads up to be very cautious.

* Commonly sell prescription skin creme or ointments, Shea butter (skin products) from India / China and make up / make up brushes from India or china along with their Careprost listing. 

* Offering Sales or seriously discounted prices on product or shipping.

* The quality of the box, lid of the product or label is evidently lower quality then the genuine product. Some customer report the box is thicker and glued shut (note : no genuine Careprost has sealed boxes) Some have a thinner, obviously cheap box.

* Claims Careprost is made or manufactured in the U.S or Canada. Genuine Careprost is Manufactured by Sunpharma. 

* Avoid sellers who repackage, add stickers or cover any portion of the box sent to you.

We welcome customer's to share their experiences and continue to share your photo's so we can keep everyone well informed.