About Lash Serums



From 2001 to 2007 Doctors noted ophthalmic solution, Lumigan by Allergan produced a beautiful cosmetic side effect, longer, thicker lashes. In 2008, after clinical studies Lumigan was approved for the specific use as an Eyelash Growth Serum and relabeled as Latisse by Allergan.

Careprost, although dubbed as 'generic Latisse' is actually a brand of ophthalmic solution sharing the same active ingredient at the same strength, Bimatoprost 0.03%.Quickly becoming a top beauty dupe for woman, proving to produce the same wonderful long lash results but saving woman from the high cost of Latisse. Careprost is manufactured by Sunpharma.

CUTELASH is formulated specifically as an eyelash growth serum to not just grow long lashes but to improve the health of lashes and has proven remarkable in growing brows. It's rave reviews include it doesn't have the side effects some woman get from Latisse or Careprost, eyelid redness or itching. We are thrilled to include it in our stock and supply it to our North American customers.

RapidLash is a nourishing lash serum sold world wide, trusted and used by Millions of woman. Used once a day to grow thick, healthy lashes and perfect for anyone who's allergic to Bimatoprost lash serums. We also recommend adding RapidLash to your Careprost maintenance phase - why? Both products 'trick' your lashes into staying in the growth cycle, once you cut down to 2-3 days per week you can maintain your long lashes but your lashes will be in the resting phase and lashes will shed naturally - in this phase we find adding a nourishing product like RapidLash each morning or the evenings you don't use your Careprost or Cutelash - will give your lashes the extra love to also keep them thick and shiny. Important too for those who love to curl lashes.

LashOutLoud is committed to keeping our customers enjoying long lashes and provide our customers with a secure shop environment and secure payment options. We prioritize our customers security and shopping experience.

Please take the time to learn about the product you are purchasing, read "How to Use" and our "Terms and Conditions". If you've never used a lash serum with an active ingredient we recommend ordering just one or two bottles to try as we can not accept returns or provide refunds.

Remember lash serums work with your natural growth cycle, so must be used each night, consistently for 16 weeks to achieve long lash results.