Careprost 1 x 3ml Bottle - 2 month Supply

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Attention Dear Careprost Customers;

LashOutLoud is in the midst of moving our distribution center. We will be keeping minimal stock during this time and will keep you informed of "Out of Stock" and "Stock Due" dates. During "Out of Stock" we will not process orders or payments as our customers security and trust in our business practices are paramount. When we have a clear/accurate "STOCK DUE DATE" we will update our website and accept order's for customers wishing to secure their Careprost Order. All pre-orders will ship the day stock is available. 
Current Status : OUT OF STOCK. Stock available mid next week. We will update and accept pre orders the moment we have a guaranteed availability date. 

Perfect buy for the customer who's  sampling Careprost for the first time.

1 x 3 ml Bottle of Careprost by Sunpharma 

Each 3 ml bottle is approx 2 month supply of eyelash growth serum

Apply along your upper lash line each night for 16 weeks. Read "How to Apply" . 

Current Exp 11/2018



Active Ingredient Bimatoprost 0.03% 




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